Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lydia and I am based, born and raised in Stockholm (Sweden), I am a 30 year old woman who loves makeup and have loved it since forever. I remember back in 2001 (when I was 11) that I wanted to do something with makeup. Since I loved to write at that young age (and still do), I remember thinking how awesome it would be to have a website and write about all things makeup, take pictures of makeup (since I also loved photography and pictures in general) and create different makeup looks but it was never a thing back then with blogs and stuff so I went on with my life. I realize now that I was ahead of my time with my ideas and thoughts and now, here I am. It's funny how I have this huge love and interest for it when the truth is that I wear makeup around seven times a year. Other than makeup, I have interests/love for food & cooking, literature/books, writing, photography, art, history, travel and knowledge/learning. If I were an aestethic I would probably be dark academia and dark romance mixed together with lots of red wine, lit candles, bossa nova/lounge bar jazz, fall season (or aUtUmN, whatever you call it) and one occasional beer or 15. I’m also weak for punny and dry dad-jokes. Oh, and your classical Disney-movies.


My blog is a mix of makeup and beauty-, personal lifestyle/photography posts, posts about other interests of mine and mental health. Now I’m not going to sit here and claim to own every beauty- and makeup product there is like other makeup-gurus. I don’t have that much (even though some people in my close circle may say otherwise, do not listen to them!), I work with what I have and do a pretty good job. I just love to write, write some more, eat and create and don’t care so much about what I have and don’t have and honestly, you shouldn’t either. If the love and passion is there, then that's all that matters.


I rant, ramble and review and in a way, I want my blog to be a free- and safe space for other makeup lovers and/or a free- and safe space for everyone and I don't give a fuck about your gender, race or sexuality. Come as you are, flaws and all, but be kind. Besides my interests that I’ve already written about above, I’m also all for mental health and care, self-care, self-trust, self-respect and importantly self-love. I myself struggled with anxiety- and panic disorder and depression but don’t you worry about me, I’m in a much better place today. I'm not an expert, just sharing some of my personal experiences in hopes of helping someone else who might need it.
What's my niche you ask? Genuine happiness and inner peace.

Wednesdays (general lifestyle and whatever I choose and feel to write about)
Thursdays (beauty- and makeuprelated and looks)
Sundays (mental health mixed with lifestyle)
And one book review will be posted on the last day of every month

I sincerely hope that you find my blog interesting enough to keep coming back and read/show interest in what I’m doing and writing about.
You can also find me on Instagram: @pornwaffle or Twitter @theepornwaffle.

Never stop being your fabolous and beautiful self, shine bright and show some love all day errrday to yourself and to others. And never forget that you matter. You matter and your emotions matter. Always have and always fucking will!
Now go on with your bad self and have a wonderful day!

PS. These ads man. I didn’t put them there. They’re just chilling and giving me a headache in this process of trying to design my blog. I want my design to be as plain as possible since my inspiration is an art gallery where I want the focus to be on the pictures that I post which also means NO DISTRACTIONS. Isn’t it ironic?

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