be your own best friend


Hello on this beautiful Sunday!  Hope you’ve had an amazing week and that it continues on to the coming week!

I’ve written a whole lot about taking care of your mental health and even shared some things you can do to maintain it and live better everyday but what about the physical part of it all? The pampering? Taking care of your body? Taking care of yourself? Making yourself happy? There’s still this weird stigma around self-care which I find to be very weird. Taking care of yourself and doing you does NOT make you selfish at all. Don’t forget yourself because truth is that you are the most valuable investment you’ll ever make. You’re not pushing others away, instead you’re charging your batteries which is extremely important to be your best self and to show up as the king or queen that you are. Show up for yourself as you do to others please.

The common self-care tips are usually:
1. Give yourself a massage
2. Take a bubble bath
3. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure
4. Give yourself a facial
5. Cozy up to a book and tea
7. Light some candles
8. Get your hair done (schampooing and conditioning, coloring etc.) either at  salon or at home
9. Moisturize your face, body, hands and feet with a creamy body butter or rich bodylotion of your choice


Now I agree with all of the tips listed above, I personally prefer the tips that ”force” you out of your comfort zone. Like some of these:
1. Book a night at a fancy hotel. Take a bubble bath, order room service and watch a movie.
(This is number one on my bucket list!)

2. Go to your favorite restaurant and enjoy a meal all by yourself. Get the wine pairings if they have them.
(I prefer this. No stress and and you can eat in your own pace. So liberating!)

3. Order a pizza, open a bottle of red wine from your cellar, and binge-watch that trashy TV show you’ve been thinking about starting.
(I’ve done this waaay to many times and I am not ashamed of it)

4. Make your favorite dish (pasta, steak, roast chicken, macaroni and cheese) for dinner.
(Everything pasta is fucking delicious and a staple in your self-love journey, just saying)

5. Buy fancy cheese, charcuterie, and artisanal bread, and have that for dinner.
(This too I’ve done waaay too many times and once again, I’m not ashamed of it. Who doesn’t love blue cheese?)

6. Open a bottle of champagne and drink the entire thing just because.
(Yes, yes, a million times YES!)

7. Buy yourself some new lingerie.
(Do you prefer leather or lace?)

8. Buy the prettiest flowers at Trader Joe’s, go home, and make yourself a bouquet to admire all week.
(One of many amazing ways to add some colour and beauty to your everyday life)

9. Throw a “me” party by yourself at home. Make your favorite cocktail, turn up your favorite song, and dance around the house.
(This is so fucking fun! I need to do it again!)

10. Take a nap!
(Because.. yes please)

11. Walk some place where you’ll have a great view of the sunset. Bring a blanket and watch the day turn into night.
(Never done this but I sincerely want to one day)

12. Hire someone to clean your house and/or hire a maid service
(If you can afford it, do it because fuck that)

13. Visit that museum exhibit you’ve been wanting to check out.
(There were so many exhibits that I looked forward to last year but yeah.. we all know how that went)

14. Get a single ticket to the opera, ballet, or symphony. Get dressed up, go to the show, then have a late dinner at a nearby bistro. Order the cheeseburger and a martini.
(This can also apply going to a movie theatre or a gig at your local bar. It’s all good!)

15. Take a painting class
(Or any class. Unleash your inner artist and creative side)

16. Meet up and have breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends
(Used to do this a lot with my closest friends, especially us eating breakfast together. I miss it so much. One of the best ways to start your day, highly recommend it!)

17. Redecorate your space and buy new sheets

18. Sing in the shower
(I sing in the shower and when I make dinner. My neighbours probably hate me but who gives a fuck? Not me)

19. Meditate/yoga
(If I don’t do it everyday before I go to bed I try to do it at least four times a week)

20. Unplug entirely and do nothing
(Silence. Sit with your thoughts for as long as you want. Peace of mind, can’t top that)

21. Sleep in
(Just do it damn it)

22. Have a candlelight dinner
(It’s so cozy and the freedom to eat whatever the hell you want!!!!)

23. Have a picnic
(Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Doesn’t matter! If the weather is nice, go for it. Soak in the sun but don’t forget the SPF and bring a book or listen to a podcast. Or if you’re like me, play Pokemon Go. Enjoy your own company)

I think it’s important to spend time with yourself. Your own solitude with no outside influences. Get back in to you and get to know yourself more. I know that it is easier said than done for someone like me who have absolutely no problem with being on my own, I obviously understand that some people feel energized when they’re around people. But you don’t have to go extreme right at the beginning like travel abroad by yourself (no but this is the dream right there). Baby steps my friend and then it will all come together beautifully. I know that it’s scary but it truly is a beautiful thing. So rewarding and so important! You’ll discover different layers of yourself you never knew was there, uncover and learn about your fears and doubts and hopefully learn how to work through them to become a better you. The real you. I find it to be critical for your personal development and growth. The harsh truth is that you’ll not always have people around you in life so you must learn how to stand on your own. There will be people around you who will wish you harm or be jealous of your journey of self-improvement and inner happiness and even though that’s their problem, you must have your own back against these negative people and rely/trust yourself. It might take some time but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You got this!


”Love yourself the way you wished they did. Be your own upgrade. Be your own best friend. Tak yourself on dates. Take the time to understand your triggers. Process old emotions. Shift limiting beliefs. Release energy blocks. Look up at the stars and follow your dreams. Meditate and hang out with your soul”.