free your mind (and the rest sure will follow)

Happy Sunday my beautiful souls!
This Sunday post is filled with videos of meditation and ASMR. Or.. actually.. just links.

Last week and this week have both been I N T E N S E in my work- and private life but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, life happens and everything is finally slowing down to my usual chaos. I’ve consumed plenty of Youtube-videos before going to sleep to calm my mind and anger during these trying times. I’d resort to breathing exercises during the day if needed. Big deep breaths filling my lungs and the depths of my stomach, holding it for four seconds and breathing out slowly. I do it as many times as needed and it always works wonders for me and I can go on with the rest of my day. But since some days have been more demanding than others, I made sure to end my day in the best way possible which is with meditation and ASMR. I lay my ass in bed, plug in my headphones and disconnect myself from all types of stress and it truly is a bliss. FYI, I make sure to shower and do my nighttime routine before all of this because once I lay down, I will not get back up. It’s night night for me, bye!
I want to share with you the tools I use to free and calm my mind and hopefully you will also find this helpful.

When it comes to meditation I prefer to lie in bed since it relaxes me in a much different way than when I meditate in the more traditional way which is sitting on the floor. These videos are my go-to. I have a few more but I always come back to these. The last two are guided meditations which means that there’s someone guiding you through it (if you didn’t understand this already):

By: Meditative Mind
ALL 7 CHAKRAS HEALING MUSIC || Full Body Aura Cleanse & Boost Positive Energy | Meditation Music

528Hz Stress Relieving SoundBath Healing Meditation Music

Super Low Frequency Music || Release Stress and Tension || Let It All Go and Relax

432Hz Nature's Healing Music Aura Cleanse All 7 Chakras Cleanse Positive Energy Boost

By: Mary Kate
MAGNETIZE MIRACLES INSTANTLY | Gratitude Meditation To Shift Your Reality


Other evenings/nights I turn to good ol’ ASMR. As with the meditation videos I have a few more videos that I indulge in (my ASMR-playlist on Youtube consists of 76 videos). Before I press play I definitely make sure to do my night time routine because once I start and after a while, I AM OUT! Goodbye, hejdå, adios, ciao, kwaheri, au revoir and additional goodbyes in other languages because boi! My absolute favorites are mic scratching, preferably intense mic scratching. It makes me feel so incredibly good and calm. The tingles, the fucking tingles. It truly gives me a brain orgasm and it’s a wonderful feeling. Obviously some people don’t like it. I personally don’t understand how you could not but that’s none of my business. Though I can agree when it comes to this whole licking your ears type of videos. I-.. I have questions.
However, these are my go-to videos for some brain orgasm:

By: ASMR Darling
ASMR Intense Microphone Scratching - Weird Household Objects

By: Batala's ASMR
ASMR Intense Microphone Scratching (Brain Scratching)

By: itsblitzzz
ASMR hypnosis healing massage

By: ASMR Glow
ASMR Brain Massage (Intense Mic Scratching)

By: ASMR Bakery
ASMR Deep Brain Scratch (No Talking)

It never fails to give me a good nights sleep and I always wake up feeling rested and like a whole new person. I’m not gonna lie, it has happened that I’ve overslept for work but I sincerely don’t care since the sleep was so amazing and needed so.. yeah!

Another addition to my routine is affirmations. I read them out loud the first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep before indulging in my ASMR-videos or meditation. I never skip it and there have been days where I've read them and never really believed in what I'm saying thanks to a bad day for example but I aways ALWAYS read them. There's plenty of affirmations to find online and what I've done is that I've picked those that speak to me the most and combined them in to one lengthy text and I read them as some sort of prayer, like I said, every morning and every evening/night. I literally picked the affirmations that spoke to me and my heart the most, copied and pasted them to a Word-document, printed it out said document and I always keep it on my nightstand. I have my own ritual with it where I light my thick ass white candle, pause/turn of everything and just read them out load as if there's someone listening. Which there is but you know. But I only light my candle in the evening when it's already dark outside because it creates this beautiful and calming ambience. An indescribable feeling! In the morning I just pause/turn everyting off because I don't think it's safe of me to deal with anything fire first thing in the morning.
You can find affirmations for every area of your life with just one Google-search. Affirmations for parenthood, health, sex, life, abundance, self love, love, friendships, family, dream life, wishes and desires, personality etc.. I've even made up my own affirmations which is also something you can do since it makes it that more personal.


It’s so damn important to take care of your mental health. Yes, some days will be stressful as fuck to the point that you might feel the need to freeze some oranges and throw them right in someones face. As much as I wish it wasn’t this way, it is inevitable and not only is it important but it is also up to you to make sure that you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of destruction and negative thoughts. Now I’m not saying that it will always be easy because of course not, we’re humans. Acknowledge your feelings, accept/sit with them and find ways to lift up your mood in ways that’s comfortable and suitable to you. It’s nobodys business what you do and want to do to bring peace to your mind and life. Not even your mama even though we all know that she sincerely want what is best for you. No ma’am. My personal advice is to put more energy and effort in to your night time routine since we all know that a good nights sleep is the absolute shit! In a good way of course. Have a cup of tea, read a book, listen to an audiobook, scream in to a pillow. Find YOUR thing and do YOUR thing!

This may not be much to the world but hopefully my post will be helpful to someone. If it’s only one person, I’d be so happy that you found it helpful and that would be wonderful!
Hope the next week treats you well, as you fucking deserve 💙🖤

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