sunday 10.10.2021 | world mental health day


Happy Sunday you beautiful souls!

Today is World Mental Health Day and if you’re someone who’s been struggling with your own mental health, I want you to know that I’m extremely proud of you and happy that you’re here with the rest of us. I know the feeling far too well and you’re not alone!


I was planning on going out for a long walk while taking pictures of the beautiful colors of the trees but I changed my mind real quick. I decided to stay inside and read my book with many cups of tea. I decided to pull out my Pocahontas cup that I got on my fifth birthday. And that’s exactly what I did and it felt so good and brought me so much peace. As for the pictures of the trees, I decided to take them from my windows instead which was good enough since my apartment turned cold FAST for the very few seconds that the windows were open. No thank you. But still, let us appreciate these pictures. The sky, the colors, the trees!? Oh my, how beautiful! Fall truly is my favorite season.


I cozied (is that a word?) up real nice and never left my bed but only to re-fill my cup of tea and for bathroom-breaks (which there were plenty of thanks to the tea). And to get more food of course. I also had some coffee shop jazz-music playing in the background with plenty of lit candles. Don’t mind me, I’m just living my best life this Sunday.

As the day went on and day turned in to late evening, I swapped my tea for a big glass of red wine. I also blew out all of the candles except for two since it was getting really hot in here. But the atmosphere wasn’t less cozy because of it, oh no no. It definetly got way better and I felt like I could stay like this forever. I couldn’t even tell you how many pages I read of my book. I just kept going and going and it made so happy! I’m so happy that I decided to re-discover and go back to my childhood passion which is my love for books and love for reading. I haven’t done it in so many years due to life itself and my mental illness. I’m extremely happy here, I get so joyous, ecstatic and nostalgic about words and books. It feeds my souls in ways no one or anything else ever have. I love it here!

 Everybody say hi to my gnome. His name is Theodore.

One of my goals for my mental health is to selfishly indulge in whatever feeds my soul, with no harm to anyone. And to sleep better. It’s good for now but it could definetly get better.
Today was a lazy day. Well deserved and extremely needed. I shut out the world and went in to myself and my soul. I had some things planned for today besides my long walk that I wanted to go on and for some reason it kept stressing me out. I felt like I had very little time to do my tasks for today and felt like I couldn't keep up. Mentally, it took a toll on me. Usually I power through like a damn bull but when it became too much and my mouth uttered the words FUCK THIS SHIT quite loudly, no words can explain the liberation and feel-good emotions that went through my body. It amazing and I had zero guilt because fuck this shit. Truly. By the way, everything was easy peasy lemon squeezy until my best friends boyfriend sent me a picture of him and their very new baby at the hospital. HE HAS FINALLY ARRIVED AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could be there with them but nope because.. Covid-19. Awesome.

What did you do today to take care of your mental health?
World Mental Health Day isn’t just today but every single day and regardless of what your journey to your healing looks like, please remember that you’re not alone and that your existence matters tremendously and you have people around you that truly loves you! 💙

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