summertime memories of 2020

Hello again, wonderful souls!
I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. I’m doing amazing, thanks for asking!

Yesterday I was going through all my pictures in my camera (Sony A6000) with the thought of erasing some of them and came across some pictures I took in June of 2020. We were at my best friends country house and I got so nostalgic and happy but also a feeling of sadness came over me when I looked out and saw nothing but the color grey and darkness. Slightly depressing but hey, six more months to go and we’ll have a visit from the warm sun again.
I thought that I would share them with you and let us rejoice and remember the warmer days through out our years, bask in the imaginative sun that resides in our precious minds especially during these days closer to winter, cherish the memories and just enjoy it.

This country house is located in and is also the biggest island in Stockholms southern archipelago (Ornö) owned by my best friends mom who herself (if I remember correcty) inherited it from her mother. Obviously my best friend have spent every summer there since she was a baby with her family and siblings and as I became friends and best friends with her, I’ve also spend some days of every summer there. Mostly during the Swedish midsummer in June. I have so many great, loving and amazing memories there although nine out of 10 of said memories are heavily drunk ones. The neighbors never complain or even give a shit when we laugh out loud, scream while talking to each other or play extremely loud music. I miss those days but at least I have the memories and I’ll cherish them forever.

I took 243 pictures during our 48-hours stay there (I was there with three other people) and out of those I picked 20 to share with you.
Unedited and raw but they’re all watermarked and nobodys face is shown to protect their privacy of course except for the dog Marley.


On our way to the sauna


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