sunday readings and makeup

Hello my beautiful humans,
I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

Me? I’m having a rather chill Sunday and have spent most of my day reading. Crime and punishment by Dostoevsky. If you haven’t read it, what are you doing? It’s so good and can’t wait to read the rest of his books which is actually one of my goals for this year, to read them all, although in chronological order because I heard all Dostoevskys books are actually one big story/storyline? I don’t know if that’s true but let’s find out I guess.

But this is not a blog post about Dostoevsky but a blog post about makeup. After a few hours of reading I started to rummage through my eyeshadow palettes and realized that I haven’t worn any form of makeup since March 2020. It’s definetly not something unusual for me since I don’t wear makeup in my day to day life unless I’m going out with friends and so, you know.. There’s a reason as to why I haven’t worn it since March of 2020. With that being said, I noticed that I’ve never used my Anastasia Beverly Hills ’Subculture’ palette. I’ve only ever swatched it and for the love of everything, ignore the deep scratch in the shade ROWDY. I accidentally knicked it with my fingernail today while I was cleaning the palette and ADORN.. I pressed it too hard with my finger while swatching. I love that for me.

ANYWAY, I felt drawn to these two palettes and I want to create a look that would compliment and go well with the lip products to the left. I have one in mind, which is a halo eye, which would require me using different shades from both of these palettes, alternatively mix a few shades together to get the color that I have visioned. Those are ALL STAR, MERCURY and ADORN from the ABH palette and YOUR LOSS and REPRIEVE from the Makeup Revolution PRO palette. My mind is cooking something up, something rather delicious and let’s just hope it actually translates as beautifully in real life and pictures as it does in my head. Due to work, I'm not sure when I'll post the pictures but don’t be scared to come back and see if it went as I imagined or if I was just fooling myself.

TOP PALETTE: Anastasia Beverly Hills ’Subculture’ palette. The color ALL STAR is looking more red in this picture when in real life, it has more of a purpleish plum undertone. Almost similar to the color VINDICATE in the palette below but more purple? If you own this palette already, then you know what I am talking about and trying to describe here.
BOTTOM PALETTE: Makeup Revolution PRO Regeneratiom Unleashed palette.
LIP PRODUCTS: NYX Cosmetics lip liner in 818 DARK BROWN, NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss in ANGEL FOOD CAKE and NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in CINNAMON ROLL.

Have an amazing rest of your day, spread love and understanding to yourself and others 

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