what does living authentically mean to you? asking for myself

"Whatever living beings there may be — feeble or strong, long, stout, or of medium size, short, small, large, those seen or those unseen, those dwelling far or near, those who are born as well as those yet to be born — may all beings have happy minds."
I feel like this question can be answered in more ways than one. Yet, I think that the common words used would be honestly and truthfully.  At least in my case. To be unfaltering in your opinions and beliefs, both private and public, and to not switch and change them to satisfy other people and their beliefs. Fuck no. Basically, individualism. 
To live authentically means not being forced to live by other peoples rules and not following their timeline in life. You live in a way that suits you and makes you genuinly happy and fulfilled. And that’s on Mary had a little lamb.
When people have questions about me and the choices I’ve made, especially when it’s obvious that they’re (for some very strange reason) slightly annoyed while trying to "understand", I tell them that my decisions aren’t a math equation for them to try to understand and solve. Acting as if I’m living after the Pythagorean Theory or whatever the hell it’s called. What? No ma’am and I don’t care if you are a family-member or a friend. Just know that decisions were made.
I used to be that person. The people-pleaser, the "I really want to say no but I say yes instead so I’m not disappointing people" and/or whatever plans they have. Oh my fucking God, the guilt.. THE GUILT OF SAYING NO! I wanted to be perfect (whatever that is) to other people more than to myself which didn’t really help because I was still bullied for the first 15-years of my life sooo.. What a fucking joke. I even used to allow people to have strong opinions, influence and input over my life, mostly because I didn’t trust in my capability to make my own decisions and more unfortunately, I didn’t trust myself. Granted, I would still do what I wanted to do with whatever I decided to do in a certain scenario but there would still be this huge cloud of self-doubt lingering over my head. What if they’re right? No bitch, what if you’re right and it turns out exactly how you wanted and wished for? Oh my, the unnecessary stress. But that was years ago, try me today I say.
Freedom and happiness for you. Whatever floats your boat. My personal demand is that you’re not hurting anyone, humans AND animals. Follow your passions in life whatever they may be. You could be the CEO of a bank and one day decide that you would be happier giving backrubs to stressed out cows. If that means that you’ll wake up everyday and be your happiest self, go for it. Doing what you love and makes you happy, saying what you mean and meaning what you say. To live your life according to your own rules, wants and needs since you yourself are the only one who knows what you truly and deeply want and need. Not even your mama can tell you what those things are.
Virgin and Child with Angels (detail) | Bartolomeo Cavarozzi | c. 1620
(tumblr, source: https://www.mfah.org )
Truth is that, unfortunately, some people will have a problem with you being yourself and living for yourself. Especially those who are used to and secretly love that you’re a push-over. That’s just how it is. Some people in this world need an underdog to make themselves feel better and they will do whatever they can to drag you down to their miserable level. But let’s not forget that for someone to try and drag someone or something down they have to already be below said person or object who’s already above them. Where they accurately belong. What’s that saying again? Oh yes, misery loves company. In my life I’ve noticed that these people are mostly those who you grew up with and that’s so sad. I guess that they can’t stand the fact that you all started out at level 1 and you’re now at level 5 while they’re still stuck at the same level. Is it jealousy? Maybe? Is that your problem? No. If they don’t care then why should you? That’s my opinion anyway. No need to be a bitch about it but you know.. just remove yourself from them and the negativity. Move on and continue to be your fabolous, positive and happy self because truth is that it’s not about you. They’re just mad and projecting, which is fine. They’re also human and entitled to feel whatever they feel. But it’s really not your problem. You’re not hurting anyone, you just want to be happy and they’re just mad at themselves for wishing that they were where you are now, being authentically you. They’re mad at the decisions they made that led them to a different path in life. Personally, whenever I come across people like this, I tell them that there’s therapy and therapists to deal with issues like this and suggest them to take that help because I sincerely do not care. Disrespectfully.
Like I previously said,  you could work at a bank and be the CEO of the whole damn thing and wake up one morning and realize that you're truly happy giving massaging cows for a living. If that’s what makes you happy then please fucking follow your intuition and beautiful heart. To hell with what everyone else thinks. Is this their life? NO! Please do not be afraid to be unapologetically you. The right people will come along, the people that actually deserves to be a part of your life and who loves you for who you truly are.
Put your crown back on your head. Know yourself, choose yourself and love yourself.
Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Fill your life with excitement, opportunities, adventure and passion. Surround yourself with people who sincerely want to celebrate you and cheer you on as much as you want to do the same for them because honey you deserve it.
We all do 🖤