my absence

Hi lovelies!

I hope you have been and are still doing well. Trying times these days but hopefully you're still going strong. As you can see, I've been very absent from my blog. It's been a whole month and a half and I've been very busy with work and in my personal life. I've also been busy healing, organizing/planning and just getting my life in order for the next year. It's been both good and bad, although mostly good, I truly needed this break. I've spent a lot of time thinking of what type of content I want to create/produce and plenty of ideas has come and gone. I've been thinking about what I want with my blog for the future, my passions, interests and hobbies and other personal stuff and it has been such a enlightment for me and brought me so much clarity. I've become more in tune with myself and I love it here.

I've spent A LOT of my free time connecting with my inner child. And of course, celebrating my 31st birthday in the first week of this December month. Thanks to that, I've recognized even more things about my personal self and other dreams that I used to have that I had completely blocked out of my mind and forgotten about. So many creative ideas and career-aspirations that came to surface that makes me so nostalgic when I think about them. I wrote them all down and read through the notes every night before bed. It makes me genuiny happy and extremely excited for what's to come!

Other than that, I am aaaaalright and I hope you're too. If not, I truly hope that it will turn around for you soon because you deserve it.
There is only eight days left of 2021. It's crazy how fast time goes by. Really makes you think to seize every moment and grab the day by the balls, respectfully and disrespectfully. What am I bringing in to the next year? Just me. Authentically me filled with passion, love and determination all healed and shit. Or somewhat healed since what we're not gonna do is strive after some imaginary perfection that does nothing but stress us out. That's just dumb in my personal opinion.

I'll return to blogging in mid-January since I still have some planning to do.
But until then, happy holidays and happy new year! 

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