what do you do everyday to better yourself?


I am sorry for missing last Sundays post. I was busy with work but I’m here today with a new one! I hope you’re doing great and had a wonderful week! This is a long one so grab a cup of coffee or wine and let’s get to it. ✨
In reference to my other post, I wrote about being authentically you and to live the rest of your life in such way. Now the other question is, what do you do on a daily, or even weekly, basis to better yourself? It could be physically, mentally, passions and hobbies etc.. Whatever it may be that makes you feel better and want to do better for yourself. With that being said, just fucking do it.
To do what you love increases your quality of life. Like I said before, it could really be whatever as long as it brings you inner joy and happiness. For me, there’s some things, hobbies and/or passions that I do on a daily and weekly basis that brings me happiness and those are reading, playing with my makeup, journaling, photography, writing and light exercise to move my body. I’m also in the process of learning French. Or I do understand French and can write in French but it’s the speaking. It’s not good. Growing up I used to speak French fluently but as I got older, my knowledge of speaking this language literally said bye bitch and here we are. I have these ”French classes” everyday for about an hour and exercise 3-4 times a week for 15-20 minutes. Makeup and photography happens between work because.. adulthood. Journaling, reading and writing is also something I do everyday. My soul craves it, I just love words. Ever since I was a child. I do not know why but I’ll never question it. Journaling has helped me so much personally and mentally. It has helped me to put things in perspective and I’ve also answered my own questions when I couldn’t find a solution to a problem. It has helped me to sort ut what matters and deserves my attention and what doesn’t matter and doesn’t deserve my attention. Journaling has brought me sooo many aha-moments about certain events and certain questions that I’ve spent too much time on trying to figure out. It’s a beautiful feeling to be able to let loose of your inner and deepest thoughts, be completely unfiltered and raw with your emotions. Your journal is after all for your eyes only so be as real as you want and need! The amount of mental clarity that journaling brings and have brought me?! Bruh, don’t EVER underestimate the power of journaling and writing down your emotions on paper. Seriously.
Take your mask off. Comedy (detail) | Pierre Charles Trémolières, c. 1736
Ever since I was a very young child I’ve always loved to create and it didn’t even matter what the hell I wanted to create. Painting/drawing, writing (books, song, novels, storys etc.) and cooking for example. Even sewing! I was barely 10 years old and already hella awesome using our sewing machine. I’ve always been quite artistic and that’s something I still love to do, to be creative and to create and since September 2020, I’ve been re-connecting with my inner child and what she loved to do and doing it now as an adult in an obviously more ”adulty”-way. Also, when this panorama is over I’ve decided to find a piano teacher and learn how to play the piano and when I’m finally amazing at it, I’ll purchase a big black grand piano to call my own damn it. Hopefully, my home will not be haunted and the ghosts won’t play on my grand piano, waking me up at 3AM. I sincerely don’t want to burn my piano and house down. They’ll be quite expensive. My maternal grandparents have a piano and it’s been there since forever and I used to play on it a lot as a child and I want to get better at it. Can’t wait to pursue this goal because the only song I can play on the piano is Heart and soul (kind of) and that’s not cutting it for me. Naa fam, I want to learn more thank you. Besides what I just mentioned, to add a sprinkle of happy-dust on my daily tasks and daily life I also sing and dance while I cook. Could be that it’s because I genuinly love food and cooking but I’ve been doing this for years and it sure makes it all the better. And yes, I use the cookwear as a microphone.
Side note: It truly is a good idea to connect with your inner child. Revisit your inner child and go back to what made you happy as a kid and re-incorporate it in to your current adult life. Revisit your childhood dreams and passions. You’ll be surprised when you realize that, for example, your current career isn’t what you want to pursue and continue with. You might be an accountant today because of other peoples opinions and influence thinking that it’s the right thing to do because you happen to be good with numbers but deep down knowing that this isn’t what you want for yourself. You wanted to be an astronaut growing up. Different circumstances in your life might make it impossible for you to be just that right now and that’s totally fine. Life happens! In that case you could instead (hopefully) change your careerpath and start working with a team of scientists that helps to send austronauts out to space. Or, if possible and you have nothing and no one holding you back, put some action in and work towards your goals and dreams. Call NASA and tell them that Neil Armstrong 2.0 is here. Get on that rocketship king/queen! I’ll definetly publish a post about re-connecting with your inner child, it’s truly a beautiful thing.
These are more of the things that I do physically. Now the things I do mentally to better myself are obviously different. I make sure to meditate once a day, preferably before bed. Other people read before bed, I meditate for about 15-30 minutes. I lay down in my bed, plug in my earphones to my device and ears, start a meditation video on Youtube (sometimes guided) and just surrender myself to mindfulness and I love it here. I sometimes also meditate in the shower, also called shower meditation and when I tell you how wonderful it is? Oh my, washing my body while also imagining me washing away the stress and negativity of the day. It’s so blissful but I have to be careful so I don’t fall and crack my head open due to how relaxed I get. Try it but please be careful because ain’t nobody have time for that. I am a much happier person nowadays thanks to meditation and have found peace in my mind, body and soul. It has greatly changed my outlook on and about life and myself. I highly, absofuckinglutely, most definetly recommend it! I have a playlist on Youtube which is filled with different meditation videos so I just pick and choose one based off of how I’m feeling and I think you should do the same. There’s sooo many videos in the Youtube-world so you’ll have no problem finding one, or many, that will suit you and your needs.
Birth of Venus | Fritz Zuber-Bühler, 1887.
Overall, if you want to upscale your life and increase your quality of life for the better, you have to put some work in to it. It’s not always going to be easy but I promise you that it’s so worth it. You have to live your life for you and make yourself happy first and satisfy your needs before you can help others. You can’t fill a cup from an empty pot or however the quote goes. But this also demands you to be very self-aware (in general but also in your strengths and weaknesses) and very honest with yourself, about yourself. Drop your ego. What are your weaknesses? What are your flaws? What’s something you wish you could spend more time on? What are some habits that you need to break? What practical skills and qualities do you admire in others and wish you had? What could you happily do for a year if money wasn’t an issue? What are you most afraid of? Don’t be afraid to answer these questions, it’s for your own good and so worth it. Write them down or say them out loud. Or do both, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Ones ego wants to pretend like everything is fine and cool but don’t be scared to let your real self come through. Your life, mental health and happiness depends on it. 🖤