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Hello there beauties!

Hope you’re having an amazing day or, depending on where you are in the world, have had an amazing day!

I’m here with a quick post and I wanted to share with you some new books that I bought. I specifically told myself that I could buy a maximum of two books but who the well am I kidding? I never listen do myself when it comes to buying stuff (especially food). I used to love to read when I was much younger up until my tweens (is that a word?). I was definetly a bookwork, oh my God. But i quit reading the older I got because it wasn’t seen as cool (bitch what?!). For years, I wanted to get back to reading but I for some reason never knew where to start. But, sincerely, what the fuck does that even mean? Grrl, if you don’t pick up a book you like and start reading..

But with that I mean that I didn’t even know and/or even remembered what I used to love to read anymore. What genre? Autobiographies? And what type of autobiography? Written by who? A celebrity? Politician? Someone who came from nothing and worked their way up? Someone less known? Thriller? Ficition? Romance? Thriller? Horror? Mystery? Novels? I had no idea where to begin. So I just went with my gut-feeling and now I know that I do love myself some autobiographies, they’re sooo interesting. But here I am, wanting more and MORE books and literature. More classics I say, no matter what century or decade they were published. I’m craving them so please, tell me and share your book-recommendations. I do know that I’m not interested in fantasy, science fiction, futuristic or western. Below are the books that I bought. Maximum of two books I said.. yeah right (some titles are in Swedish so I'll translate them):

1. Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist.
2. Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Scarlet Letter.
3. David Dubal - The Essential Canon Of Classical Music.
4. Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner. Have you seen the movie? HAVE YOU? No? Because I've seen it and you should too. It's so good!
5. Mario Puzo - Omertá. If you don't know, he's the author who wrote The Godfather and the screenplay for Superman (1978).
Bought all of the above at a thrift store.

1. Khaled Hosseini - Sea Prayer. It's a tribute to those who have died and gone missing at sea while trying to find a better place to live in a different country with their families. Also a tribute to Alan Kurdi (born Alan Shenu), the 3-year old syrian boy who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.
2. Khaled Hosseini - And The Mountains Echoed
3. Fyodor Dostoevsky - Crime And Punishment. I've always borrowed Dostoevskys books from my local library but decided that I need to grow up and actually own one.
4. Eckhart Tolle - The Power Of Now, A Guide To Spritual Enlightenment. As I'm writing this, I sincerely think and also realized that I might have bought the same book though the book with the darker cover is in Swedish and have a different (obviously) book-cover. Ain't that just great? :)
5. Mark Manson - The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck. Heard nothing but amazing things about this one so I decided to buy it and give it a read.. one of these days.

And here we have another book by Khaled Hosseini which name is A Thousand Splendid Suns (Tusen Strålande Solar in Swedish). This one right here though is named Mille Soleils Splendides, which is in French. Side note, when I was younger i spoke French fluently and as the years went by I lost my ability to speak French. But i desperatley want to get back to it. Although I understand the language and can read in French, my pronunciation sucks! So i bought this book in this specific language to read out loud and practice my speech. I decided that it would be easier to go back to a book I've already read a thousand times (and absolutely love and also highly recommend!). My thought process is that since I already know the words in Swedish, that it would be easier to translate from French to Swedish. If you haven't read this book, what the hell are you doing? You're truly missing out. It's so beautiful and sad. It will disrespectfully piss you off but at the same time give you hope about life. My descriptions will not give it any justice, you have to experience it.


So here they are, my new loves. I have no idea which one of them I'll start to read first. So hard to choose. It would have to be two books at a time with one of them being Milles Soleils Splendides but I'm playing with the thought of going back to Dostoevsky. I just.. this book have its hold on me, it's crazy! After contemplating for a few days, I think I'll continue with the contemplating and sleep on it for one more night damn it. 

I hope you continue on having an amazing day and wow, I really had the audacity to start of this blog post with "I’m here with a quick post". The nerve of me! And as I mentioned before, please share some of your favorite books and book recommendations. I would highly appreciate it!
I hope you liked this post and I'll be back on Sunday!

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