I love, love, LOVE NYX Cosmetics butter glosses!!! They smell like heaven and applies beautifully and also stays put!
From left to right: Raspberry Pavola, Ginger Snap, Praline, Angel Food Cake and Vanilla Cream Pie.
My favourite butter gloss is Angel Food Cake, I have to order a whole truck of them.

And I absolutely sucks at doing swatches but I hope that you'll still enjoy these.
I got a new camera (Sony a6000) and I'll make sure to practice on getting better at taking makeup-pics and I'll also post lipswatches in the beginning of next week. I'll keep you posted.
The quality of these pics got slightly bad when I uploaded them from my camera to this website for some annoying reason and it's pissing me off but.. what to do? But I've realized that the quality is far better when you look at these pictures from a phone or an iPad rather than a computer. Why the hell am I even explaining this when my matcha-latte is waiting for me? Bye!