I am back at it again with some swatches, this time from NYX Cosmetics.
I own eleven lippies from this brand and I treat them as if they were my children, so I decided to do like some annoying parents to on Facebook and just show them offso here they are!

In pic no 1, you have the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks in Corset, Embellishment and Exotic. I have to remind you that these matte out fast and can feel super dry on the lips but what I do is that I use alot of chapstick before I apply the liquid lipstick and it works great! They're also very long lasting. And for the colors Corset and Embellishment, I suggest that people that are melanin infused like me combine with a lipliner. I use NYX Lip Liner in Dark Brown.
In pic no 2, you have the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks in Stone Fox, Amethyst, Vintage, Alien and Orange County. These also have the matte effect but it takes a few seconds before they reach that point. They have a water-based feel to them when you apply them and are super rich in pigment (such as the Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks).
In pic no 3, you have the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo, Prague and Sydney. As previous lippies, they're also matte but it takes a while for them to get there. I mean, they're literally names Soft Matte. And they have more of a chapstick feel to them even though they are matte and I love it (the Liquid Suede lippies have the same feel to them but a little more to the matte/dry side). From personal experiences, these lasts up to at least 6-7 hours and let us not forget that I am a smoker!

I bought all of these either at the Swedish website nordicfeel.se or at our department store Åhléns City and they all cost the same on either place: NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks and Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks costs 100SEK or $13, £10, €11. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream costs 80SEK or $10, £8, €9.

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