Top row, left to right:
Estée Lauder Signature Shimmer Powder in 02 Rose Pearl
H&M Highlighter
IsaDora Bronzing Powder in 43 Terracotta Bronze

Second row, left to right:
Original Island Beauty Powder in Chocolate (I think due to the name of the color have been rubbed off but either way, it's one of their darkest shades)
MaxFactor Pressed Powder in 05 Transluscent
MAC Studio Fix Powder in C7

Third row, left to right:
Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 355 Coconut
Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 315 Soft Honey
Nivea Men Sensitive After Shave Balm
Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturizer

I start off by using the after shave balm as a primer. I mix two different foundations from October to March 'cause that is when the wintertime has arrived, my tan is officially gone (I get EXTREMELY dark during the summer) and my true skincolor comes through. But that's not all, with my foundation I also mix it with my oil-free mattifying lotion because I have oily t-zone and it works great! I use my powder to set my foundation but I do it the very last after I've applied all the liquid products. I have two different highlighters and shimmer powder due to which makeup look I'm going for. If I'm going for a Barbie-look or even just a look with something pink in it, then I'll just the rose pearl shimmer powder. Other than that, it's the whitegold one that gets grabbed the most. After I've used my liquid concealers for highlighting, I set it with my powder from Mac. This shit is the bomb! The dark powder from Original Island Beauty is used for contouring and I use it after I've applied my foundation, after I've applied my MAC Matchmaster Concealer and set my foundation with my powder. After I'm done with all these steps, that's when I apply my bronzer.

From the top, people:
H&M Radiant Concealer Pen in True Beige L'Oreal Perfect
Match La Correcteur Concealer in Sable Sand
MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Peach Lustre
MAC Matchmaster Concealer in no. 9
H&M Eye Fidelity Primer
After all I've applied all my liquids and before I set my foundation and all, I apply my peach lustre highlighter for highlighting and I also mix in a little bit of the concealer pen (<-- it is also used to clean up and define my eyebrows) to make that area a little bit more lighter and then I just blend away! My perfect match concealer is used and applied on the highest point of my cheekbones just do define my cheekbones even more, before I apply the powder highlight on top. I do not apply too much of it, just three streaks is enough. The matchmaster concealer is what I use for contouring. Super blendable and easy to work with! And the eyeprimer I apply before I set my foundation.

har också den där foundationen tycker den är riktigt bra :)

Svar: Ja, jag gillar de jag med! 😃 Prisvänlig också!
Lydia Heri Issa

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