19 november 2016



FINALLY DONE WITH MY "PROJECT"! They look like shit but I ain't got no time or patience to care. And also, it's my first time doing something like this.
I shall call it The Pornwaffle Palette (my IG name is pornwaffle, that's why).

So this is how I've decided to "color coordinate" my eyeshadows. I don't even know if color coordinate are the right words to use but you get where I am going with this. I still have to clean the palette and glue the pans to it and after that it will be ready to use!

I tried to make the gold eyeshadow (no. 11) come out but it looks sooo much better on the lid for some damn reason.
No. 7 does not come out that much because I wanted it to be almost the same color as my skintone, a base color I guess. Pictures with flash and no flash.

Here are all my palettes and what I had to work with. Palettes shown here are from Makeup Revolution, Sleek, BH Cosmetics and from a website that is pretty much like a Swedish Amazon called fyndiq.se.

When I was figuring out what colors to use and where to place them in the case.

After I've finally decided on the color coordination.

Finishing product, no flash.

Finishing product, with flash.

The flash pic resembles the colors of the eyeshadows in the palette so much more. At least eyeshadows 2 to 5.

So how I went about with this procedure is that I mixed the crushed eyeshadows in to a small cup with rubbing alcohol. Basically (in Swedish) Handdesinfektion 75. The one where you can find in Swedish hospitals. So weird how the colors look so different with and without a flash. The no flash picture resembles the eyeshadows much more than the no flash pic.

I used three milliliters of rubbing alcohol or in Swedish tre kryddmått per small cup with the "eyeshadowcrush", blended them together to a thick paste and simply just put the paste onto the empty pan and spread it out with a knife as much as possible. Make sure not to use too much rubbing alcohol so it doesn't become too liquid. The more you use, the longer it will take to dry.

After letting the paste dry for about 30-45 minutes I went to press on the paste to flatten it out as much as possible with my finger (use a plastic glove, don't make the same mistake I did. Stained fingertips are not cute). It takes about 24hrs for the paste to completely dry and after that you're good to go to start using them.
The tools i used were two small cups (one for the rubbing alcohol and the other one for the crushed eyeshadows), two knifes (one knife to take out eyeshadows from the pan and also to mix the eyeshadows and the other to mix the paste and as a tool to take the paste from the cup and onto the empty pan), rubbing alcohol, a whole lot of paper and ofcourse my palettes. You can ofcourse use whatever tools you want but the knifes worked for me.

Now for the names. I've come up with some names for each eyeshadow. I might change some but I like these so far:

1. Soul
2. Cocaine
3. Caviar
4. Shine (only for highlighting my brow bone)
5. The Feelz

6. C.R.E.A.M.
7. All About That Base
8. Nubian
9. Red Headed Slut
10. Cravings

11. What's Golden
12. Diamond
13. My Girl
14. Gabriella
15. Prince

I love it how I'm treating this palette like it's gonna be sold in stores, haha! But I'm really happy with the outcoming and it turned out pretty good for my very first self-made palette. It was fun and we'll see, maybe I'll make some more in the future.
I learned how to do this via Youtube but if my explanation and description is hard to understand, I suggest you check it out there :).

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