I thought that I would write a little about my skin regimen. Not that it has been requested but still, why not? So here they are (from left to right):

Apoteket Djuprengörande Ansiktstvätt (Pharmacies Deep Cleansing Face Wash)
Apoteket Djuprengörande Ansiktsvatten (Pharmacies Deep Cleansing Face Toner)
Apoteket Ansiktsskrubb (Pharmacies Face Scrub)
CCS Aloe Vera Gel
Formula 10.0.6 Oil Absorbing Mud Mask
Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask
LUMENE Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel
NIVEA Pure & Natural Moisturizing Day Care
NIVEA Regenerating Night Cream

The steps are very obvious and simple. I use the face wash first then the scrub, mask (I only use masks two times a week. The green one on Fridays and the orange one on Sundays) and then the face toner. I've put a little bit of Aloe Vera Gel in both my daycreme and nightcreme. But I sometimes use a mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera gel ONLY whenever I tweez, wax or shave my face (I have PCOS). Just to calm my skin afterwards.
The scrub and face toner have no perfume in them as well as my eyecream and aloe vera gel. I'm also on the hunt for a perfume-free nightcream. It's not that I have sensitive skin but because I prefer not to use so much perfume based products on my face.

So this is my skin regimen. Not that fancy but it sure is good as hell!.
Have a happy Tuesday!
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